For the end of gender based violence

You are not alone, you can be the change

We are an organization dedicated to providing social services to address the issue of gender based violence. Our goal is to raise awareness, educate and support people affected by gender violence. Likewise, we are a social observatory that investigates whether equality policies can be implemented in such a way that we can eradicate this social scourge on women effectively and definitively.

About us
Our mission 


At Gender Violence, we believe that we all have the right to live free and without fear.

Our mission is to work in collaboration with the community and authorities to prevent and address gender violence in all its manifestations.

Our vision is to create a peaceful and just society where we can all prosper equally.

Your support is essential 

You are the last wave
#BeTheWave Gender Violence we create our own campaigns, we are creative women with years of experience in human rights, cinema, art and the knowledge that is necessary to be visible!

Likewise, we are researchers and experts in political issues. If you want to join, write to us.

Whether as a volunteer, donor or simply spreading our message, your support is essential to achieve real change in society. 

Be the wave that drags us towards a profound change, which understands that we are all affected by the consequences of this violence that is an integral part of the prejudices that millions of women suffer around the world. 

This is the last and definitive wave, the one that will bring with it the end of gender based violence.

Gender Violence is a citizen social services organization that is dedicated to addressing the issue of sexist violence in all its manifestations. 

We began our journey in social networks in 2016, we have been working hard to create social networks that support our mission.

 Promote positive change in society and provide support to people affected by this scourge. We are committed to raising awareness, educating and empowering people so that together we can build a better future for everyone.

 To be a circular observatory that is built gradually in each city and community in Europe, women who meet in secured groups and in supportive spaces. 

Orange the world It is a campaign offered by UNITE, we encourage you to get to know it.

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