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GV is a citizen social services organization that is dedicated to addressing the issue of sexist violence in all its manifestations. We began our journey in social networks in 2016, we have been working hard to create social networks that support our mission. Promote positive change in society and provide support to people affected by this scourge. We are committed to raising awareness, educating and empowering people so that together we can build a better future for everyone. To be a circular observatory that is built gradually in each city and community in Europe, women who meet in secured groups and in supportive spaces.



Different kinds of violence against women 

Research plays a crucial role in understanding gender-based violence and developing effective interventions. Here are some ways research can contribute to addressing gender-based violence

Understand the causes 

Research can help identify the underlying causes of gender-based violence, including the individual, relational, community and sociocultural factors that contribute to its perpetuation. It can also help understand the consequences of gender-based violence for victims, perpetrators, children and society as a whole.

Raise awareness and educate

Contribute to public awareness of gender-based violence by providing data and evidence to support the need to address this issue. It can also help educate professionals, policymakers, community leaders, and the general public about the causes, consequences, and ways to prevent gender-based violence.

Identify risk factors

Identify risk factors that increase the likelihood of gender-based violence occurring, as well as protective factors that help prevent it or mitigate its effects. This can inform the design of programs and policies aimed at addressing these factors. Due to gender, ethnicity and other causes, the risks increase considerably. Denying the evidence only increases them.

Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions

Evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, including educational interventions, awareness programs, victim support services and public policies. 

This can help identify which approaches are most effective and improve the quality of existing interventions.

Policy and advocacy

Inform policy and practice: Research findings can inform the development of policies and practices that effectively address gender-based violence. This includes the formulation of laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as the implementation of evidence-based programs and services.

Gender-based violence is an act that has physical, psychological, and sexual consequences for women and girls

An entire oppressive system creates disastrous consequences on the mental health of women and girls.
Coercive groups, human traffickers, medical negligence due to being a woman or girl are a constant in the problem.
Detecting and reporting it is crucial in advancing towards the end of gender violence.

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